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Gendering the African Novel: Creativity, Theory and Women’s Identities
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Organized by: Rose A. Sackeyfio
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The 45th meeting of the annual African Literature Association will engage broad themes of the institutions of African literature, future, present and past. Since the mid 20th century, African women’s creative artistry has garnered critical acclaim through distinguished awards, best-selling fiction and penetrating insight into women’s experiences. Women’s literary expression began as a form of ‘writing back’ to stereotypical and one-dimensional portrayals of females in male-authored texts during the early years of Anglophone African writing. However, several decades of writing by female authors has energized a thriving genre that re-shapes the trajectory of postcolonial literature by authors from Africa. Another exciting development is the prominence of leading women writers that take center stage on the literary landscape of contemporary African fiction. The emergence of female scholars, critics and publishers adds to this dynamic wellspring of gendered perspectives that enrich the literary studies of African, Women’s and World literature. Over time, conventional postcolonial themes intersect with 21st century perspectives that examine feminist expression, transnational identities and social transformation to achieve women’s equality. In the global age, African women’s writing has shifted the direction of the African novel in ways that foreground women’s identities beyond Africa’s borders in the 21st century. This panel seeks proposals that interrogate the evolution of African women’s writing through the influence of feminist theory, the local and global dynamics of publishing, and the artistic expression of an array of successful African female writers.

Bernth Lindfors and the Institutions of African Literary Criticism
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Organized by: Supriya M. Nair
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This session invites paper proposals of no more than 2000 characters on the intellectual, professional, and institutional contributions of Bernth Lindfors, founding editor of the journal Research in African Literatures. Selected papers from the panel may be considered for publication in the The Journal of The African Literature Association (JALA).
Deadline to submit abstracts December 1, 2018.
Please email smnair@umich.edu

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