2019 Conference: Institutions of African Literature

2019 Theme

The 45th Annual Meeting of the African Literature Association

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May 15-18, 2019: Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel
Columbus, Ohio

This is the 50th year of the continuous publishing of Research in African Literatures and African Literature Today, two frontline journals of Africanist literary criticism whose statures in the profession attest eloquently to the most enduring outcomes of the intellectual exertions of the ALA.

To recognize, and take stock of, the ramifications of half a century of uninterrupted, significant criticism and theorizations about African literatures and cultures, we invite retrospective and prospective papers on the institutional, material grounds of the production of African literature. We are interested in critical examinations of how the establishments have impacted literary and cultural productions. We are even more interested in explorations of which, and how, literary forms have shaped the establishments and institutions of African literature in the various locations they have occupied historically.

Quirky, trenchant, and perhaps truculent, discussions are particularly welcomed. For example, what is it about poetry that drives so many prizes but the form is not much discussed in criticism? Is theater dead? Does the rise of video indicate that Africa is becoming post-literary? Whatever happened to literacy? Where in Africa is orality? Why do Afriphone verbal arts thrive in electronic media but not in print? Is the secret in the form? Do festivals exist still? Whither intermediality? 

Enquiries: africanlitassoc2019@gmail.com