2020 Conference: Beyond Censorship?

2020 Travel Grants

Call for Travel Grant Applications: Deadline – 15th March 2020

2020 Annual Conference
May 27-31, 2020, Washington, D.C.

The African Literature Association invites applications for three (3) ALA Travel Grant Awards worth $1,000 each, for members traveling to the association’s conference from Africa. Priority is given to early career applicants.  Please note that the grant is awarded during the Awards ceremony at the conference, and cannot be accessed in advance.

Eligible applicants must be based in Africa, and should demonstrate 1) scholarship; 2) financial need; and 3) ability to supplement grant award.

Travel Grant Applications must include the following documents:

  1. An application form, downloaded as PDF or WORD DOC, completed, saved, and sent with the other materials listed below.

  2. A cover letter (no longer than 2 pages) including title and abstract of conference paper to be presented at ALA conference;

  3. Acceptance letter from the convener;

  4. A 2-page Curriculum Vitae or résumé (including ALA travel grant awards received within the past three [3] years , teaching and/or research experience and interests, professional meetings/conferences attended, with dates, place and titles of papers presented, current university affiliation, if applicable); and

  5. Two letters of recommendation. Each letter should be 2 pages or less, and should include contact and brief biographical information of recommender.  (Recommender’s CV or résumé is not needed).

Winners of the award are expected to meet with the Chair of the committee and members of the EC when they attend the conference.

Travel grants are awarded to successful applicants during the Awards Ceremony at the conference. Successful applicants will be required to be paid-up ALA members for the current year and to pay conference registration fees. Please be advised that the ALA Membership fee is different from the conference registration fees; and both are compulsory for all conference participants.

Complete applications and supporting documents should be emailed to travelgrants@africanlit.org by 15th March 2020.

Inquiries may be directed to the ALA Travel Grants committee at travelgrants@africanlit.org

Successful applicants will be notified within three (3) weeks of the application deadline.

Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.